Georgia – Uber, Lyft Customers to Begin Paying Sales Tax in Georgia on Wednesday April 3, 2020

Ride-hailing customers in Atlanta will begin paying one of the highest sales taxes in the country Wednesday, thanks in part to a legislative shutdown brought about by the coronavirus outbreak. Earlier this year the General Assembly passed legislation raising sales tax collections from customers of internet- and app-based businesses, including Uber, Lyft and Airbnb. A separate bill that would impose a 50-cent fee on ride-hailing, taxi and limousine rides is still pending in the General Assembly.

For years the ride-hailing companies have denied they are required to pay sales taxes under Georgia law. The state Department of Revenue disagrees, and Uber has disputed a $22.1 million tax bill in court. Lawmakers passed House Bill 276, which deals with companies that use websites or apps to sell goods or services. It would require those companies to begin collecting and remitting sales taxes when it goes into effect Wednesday.

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by David Wickert
march 31, 2020