New York – AB 10321 Would Expand Sales Tax Imposition To Include Advertising Services

A.B. 10321 expands the New York’s sales and use tax imposition to include digital advertising services, mirroring a ncompanion a bill introduced in the Senate last week. 

A.B. 10321 would expand state sales and use tax to digital advertising services, such as banner advertisements, search engine advertising, interstitial advertisements and other comparable services. A digital advertising service subject to the tax would be one that “markets or promotes a particular good, service or political candidate or message,” the Assembly bill said. 

The bill would take effect 30 days after it becomes law and expire five years after the effective date. Revenue from the tax would be put into a special fund dedicated to offering zero-interest refinancing for education loans. The bill has been referred to the Assembly’s Ways and Means Committee.

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A.B. 10321