New York- Manhattan Loses Sales Tax Revenue, Cancels Summer Programs APRIL 27, 2020

With COVID-19 progressing, Manhattan estimates a $3 million to $8 million loss in 2020 sales tax revenue. The first three months of 2020 showed sales tax revenue was strong in Manhattan, however, COVID-19 deterred any upcoming financial growth.

Dennis Marstall, assistant city manager, said the lack of commerce impacts the city immensely.

Marstall said Manhattan must close certain services due to a lack of sales tax revenue. Summer programs are canceled and the city is looking at other services to cut. This news saddens some Manhattan residents.

More budget cuts could be in the future if closures due to COVID-19 continue. Marstall said the city relies heavily on revenue from students at Kansas State. If the university chooses not to open there could be more financial problems for Manhattan.

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The Collegian
By: monica diaz
April 27, 2020