Washington – Governor Signs Bill Exempting Menstrual Hygiene Products from Sales Tax

Last Friday, Gov. Jay Inslee signed SB 5147 , which will provide “tax relief by exempting menstrual products from retail sales and use tax.”

The state believes that the inclusion of menstrual products in the retail tax puts those who are financially compromised at risk. With 14.3% of Washingtonians ages 0–17 and 10.6% of Washingtonians ages 18–64 living below the poverty line, those who menstruate are put under further hardship.

The bill, effective July 1, will make Washington the 18th state to exempt menstrual products from retail taxes. The bill was unanimously passed by the State Senate on March 7. Three days later, the House of Representatives approved the bill in a 95–2 vote.

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the daily
by nicole pasia
April 12, 2020