Alaska-Teams Up with MUNIRevs and TTR to Help Companies Get Sales Tax Right APRIL 27, 2020

While Alaska does not have a state-level sales tax, many local governments impose a sales tax on taxable sales.  This impacts companies doing business in Alaska and remote sellers whose statewide sales meet the requirements to collect and remit sales tax.  In an effort to simplify the complexity associated with knowing when and where to collect sales tax, Alaska formed the Alaska Remote Seller Sales Tax Commission. 

Local governments in Alaska signed an intergovernmental agreement to establish the Alaska Remote Seller Sales Tax Commission.  The Commission will provide streamlined, single-level administration of sales tax collection and remittance, with an active board of directors and members contributing to solutions that work for everyone.  The Commission is comprised of local government members with a current sales tax in place.

In coordination with MUNIRevs, companies can easily register, file tax returns, and remit tax using this website: If a remote seller or marketplace facilitator meets the criteria threshold set out in the Commission’s Uniform Code then registration is encouraged immediately. Collection should begin according to the effective date of member municipalities. Please follow the collection and return policy adopted by the Commission.

For purposes of determining whether the Threshold Criteria are met, remote sellers or marketplace facilitators shall include all gross sales, from all sales of goods, property, products, or services rendered within the state of Alaska.

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April 27, 2020