Multistate – Trump Recognizes South Dakota Sales Tax System “…think of that.”

On Wednesday, April 30, 2020 President Trump delivered an address covering multiple topics including individual state reactions to bail out needs.. After recognizing California, New York, Illinois, Florida and Texas President Trump concluded with the following comments about South Dakota (The state that beat Wayfair).

Donald Trump: (01:04:05)
So what’s happening is the Democrats have come to us and they’d like to do a phase four and we’ll think about what’s happening. They want to help the States, they want to help bailouts and bailouts are very tough and they happen to be Democrat States. It’s California, it’s New York, it’s Illinois. You start with those three and the Republican States are in strong shape. I don’t know. Is that luck or is that talent or is it just a different mentality?

Donald Trump: (01:04:36)
But the Republican run States are in strong shape. Look, I looked today when I spoke, I spoke with Ron DeSantis who was here yesterday as I said, Florida’s doing incredibly. Texas is doing incredibly. These States are doing unbelievably. They don’t know about the word bailout. We had a call from the Governor of South Dakota and they have one of the finest run States.

Donald Trump: (01:05:06)
They have a, I think a constitutional amendment. They’re not allowed to, they have to have a balanced budget and they have a balanced, totally balanced budget. They just have a sales tax. That’s about the only tax they have is a sales tax and then think of that. So it’s a whole different thing.

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