Wisconsin- Opponents Appeal Circuit Court Ruling Upholding Brown County’s 0.5% Sales Tax

The Brown County Taxpayers Associated has appealed a circuit court ruling that the Brown County’s sales tax complies with state law.

Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, based in Milwaukee, filed the appeal Wednesday on behalf of the taxpayers association and one of its members, who sued the county over its temporary 0.5% sales and use tax, approved three years ago by the Brown County Board.

The county board adopted the plan to help fund $147 million of new buildings, road repairs and other capital projects, including $25 million toward construction and maintenance of the $93 million expo center; $60 million for road and bridge improvements; $20 million for jail expansion; $5 million toward a science and technology center at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay; a medical examiner’s building; and other projects.

Taxpayers group says the tax is illegal because proceeds are not being used to directly reduce property taxes but is instead being used to fund new buildings, road repairs and other capital projects.

The taxpayers association stands by its position that the legislative wording does specifically state that the sales tax money can’t be directed to new capital projects.

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Green Bay press gazette
by pau srubas
may 21, 2020