Arizona- ADOR Advises Taxpayers to be Aware of Third-Party Tax Collection Letters

The Arizona Department of Revenue tells taxpayers to disregard letters entitled “Distraint Warrant”. The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) wants taxpayers to know if they receive a letter from a third-party collections agency that uses the title “Distraint Warrant,” the department does not sanction this notice and does not currently use third-party tax collectors.

The Distraint Warrant letter advises the recipient of unpaid taxes to the State of Arizona and that the “State of Arizona uses the warrant in collection actions, such as garnishment of wages, bank accounts, property seizures, federal tax refund offset, and creation of a property lien.”

The Department of Revenue has been made aware of taxpayer concerns regarding the letter’s aggressive tone.

Before considering more formal enforcement action, the department will work with a taxpayer to arrive at voluntary compliance including utilizing options such as an appropriate payment plan.

Taxpayers with questions about ADOR correspondence can contact the department here.

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Prescott Enews
May 31, 2020