California- Council Seeks Support, More Details on Possible Sales Tax Increase

Auburn City Council members put off a vote to officially add a 1-cent sales tax increase on the November ballot Monday night, directing staff to provide more specifics.

The current sales tax in Auburn is 7.25 percent, with 6 percent going to the state, 0.25 percent going to Placer County and 1 percent going to the city of Auburn. The council is considering a 1-percent increase, bringing the local sales tax up to 8.25 percent. The proposal also included a sunset of the tax after seven years.

Auburn Fire Chief Dave Spencer and Police Chief Ryan Kinnan proposed the addition of a sales tax increase on the November ballot at the city council meeting Monday night, saying they have assessed city departments and there is a need for the tax.

Polling data was supportive of the tax. The poll shows 218 registered voters in Auburn favor a sales tax that would raise an estimated $2.5 million per year to fund public works, public safety, fire prevention and response.

Those polled favored the initial question of a 1-cent general fund sales tax increase: 55 percent for, 35 percent against, 10 percent don’t know. Following a series of questions about issues and statements related to the sales tax, the final poll showed 63 percent in favor, 24 percent against and 13 percent not knowing.

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gold country media
by traci newell
june 09, 2020