California- Sacramento County nears Transportation Sales Tax Vote

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors is expected to decide soon whether to place a question on the fall ballot to raise $8 billion over 40 years for transportation purposes via a sales tax.

The sales tax is earmarked for construction of highways, streets, and roads; maintenance of existing streets, and roads; transit; and transportation-related air quality programs.

Sacramento Transportation Authority board, which was formed by approval of Measure A, voted this spring to endorse a proposed ballot measure to again raise the sales tax. The county already has a half-cent sales tax in place. The new tax would overlap with the existing one for about two decades.

The question to raise the sales tax by one-half cent is expected to allocate about 40% of revenue for transit work. The remaining revenue would be directed for maintenance, rehabilitation and improvements to streets and highways. Nearly $2 billion would be used for maintenance and repair of streets and roads. Another $650 million would be applied for road work that includes new carpool lanes on Interstate 80 and U.S. 50.

Passage on the November ballot would require a two-thirds super majority.

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Land line
By keith Goble
June 1, 2020