Tennessee – Lawmakers Want to Lift Sales Tax on Food, Raise Taxes on Tobacco Products

NASHVILLE – Two Tennessee lawmakers want the 4% sales tax on food lifted and instead raise taxes on tobacco products to “improve the overall health, and ultimately save money for all Tennesseans.”

Rep. Bo Mitchell (D-Nashville) and Sen. Sara Kyle (D-Memphis), introduced HB1213/SB0946 in their respective houses last year. Rep. Mitchell’s House bill is now up for debate Wednesday in the Finance, Ways, and Means Subcommittee.

The bill seeks to ease the burden of non-tobacco users in the state with the hope it will also reduce tobacco use.

Under the bill, the 4% state sales tax on food for human consumption would be lifted while the tax on each cigarette goes up from 3 cents to 8.35 cents. Other tobacco products would also rise from a 6.6% tax to 17% of the wholesale price.

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BY adrian mojica
june 3, 2020