Wyoming – Cheyenne Budget Passed, Not Necessarily Done Yet

On Monday, City of Cheyenne officials passed a $50.5 million budget for fiscal year 2021. The budget includes spending and staff reductions amounting to, in part, the loss of the equivalent of 43 full-time jobs with the city.

In a note prefacing the proposed budget, Mayor Marian Orr mentioned the “staggering toll” wrought on local and state economies due to the pandemic.

“General Fund revenue streams such as sales and use taxes are dropping drastically. Taxable consumer spending has come to a near standstill,” Mayor Orr said in the preface to the budget. “Thirty-seven percent of City of Cheyenne revenues are derived from sales and use taxes. Dramatic drops in these taxes directly impacts the services provided by those dollars including police, fire, planning, streets, parks, recreation, community development and general government services.”

The recently passed budget assumes a “best case” scenario in which the deficit is nearly $8 million. The budget also projects a 25 percent decline in sales and use tax revenue. The mayor hopes that this is as bad as it will get.

For more information: The Cheyenne Post

The cheyenne post
by jonathan barnes
june 26, 2020