New York – Higher sales tax check raises hope, but Onondaga County still $15M in the hole

Syracuse, N.Y. — Onondaga County received a surprisingly large sales tax payment today — more than 60% higher than the June 29 payment a year ago — but county officials say sales tax revenues are still $15 million below what was budgeted for 2020.

Another sales tax payment due tomorrow will fall $3.1 million short of what was collected last year, County Comptroller Marty Masterpole said.

The combined increase of about $3.8 million raises a glimmer of hope that the economic decline caused by the novel coronavirus might be easing sooner than expected. But County Executive Ryan McMahon said the county’s economic outlook remains dire, he said.

As of June 29th, Onondaga County has received roughly $11.3 million less sales tax than it received as of June 30, 2019. However, the county budget anticipated an increase over 2019. Including the increase, the county is roughly $15 million behind

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by Tim knauss
June 29, 2020