Colorado – Sales and Use Tax System Announcement

Colorado has developed a new tool to help taxpayers comply with sales and use tax requirements. The Sales and Use Tax System (SUTS) is a one-stop portal that will allow taxpayers to do all manner of tasks related to collecting and remitting sales and use tax in an easy, automated, and seamless fashion. The SUTS Remittance Portal is coming soon. To learn more, visit

The SUTS System will also include a Geographic Information System (GIS). The GIS will be made available to the public later this year. Effective 90 days after the GIS is online, tested, and verified to be operational, the statutes providing for Department-certified database providers will be repealed. At that time, the Department will no longer certify third-party databases. However, the use of third-party databases may qualify for the new hold-harmless protection provided under section 39-26-105.2, C.R.S. The provider must be verified to use the most recent information provided by the SUTS database. Taxpayers should check with their providers to determine if they qualify. Additionally, it is recommended that taxpayers sign up to receive Sales & Use Tax Email Alerts. An email will be sent to email alert subscribers announcing when the 90-day period will begin.

For more information please visit:

colorado department of revenue
november 2020