Nevada – One-Time Tax Amnesty Program Enacted!

The 31st Special Session of the Nevada Legislature enacted Senate Bill 3, which provides for a one-time tax amnesty program for businesses or individuals doing business in Nevada who may have an existing tax liability. 

In order to qualify, the following criteria must be met:

-The tax was due and payable on or before to 6/30/2020, which includes monthly tax returns due on May 31, 2020 or before, and quarterly tax returns due April 30, 2020 or before.

-The delinquent tax amount was paid in full for the period.  If a taxpayer has several delinquent returns, but is only able to pay one or more periods, the penalty and interest may be waived for each period providing the tax was paid in full and;

– The delinquent tax is paid during the upcoming amnesty period. 

Please find further details and the complete news release provided by the State of Nevada Department of Taxation here.

For more information please visit:

Nevada department of taxation
march 8, 2021