New Mexico – Payment deadlines approaching for 2020 tax relief

The Taxation and Revenue Department is reminding taxpayers that payment deadlines are approaching for taxpayers who took advantage of payment extensions granted in 2020.

The payment deadline to avoid penalties and interest on 2019 Personal, Corporate and fiduciary income tax returns is April 15, 2021.The payment deadline for taxpayers who used extensions on Gross Receipts, Compensating and Withholding taxes is April 25, 2021.

The filing and payment deadline for 2020 Personal Income Taxes is May 17, 2021. The deadline for estimated tax payments due April 15 has not changed.

This chart shows the filing and payment deadlines for avoiding penalty and interest in various tax programs under relief granted for taxpayers in those programs in 2020.

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new mexico taxation and revenue department
march 31, 2021