Oklahoma – April 2021 Sales & Use Tax News Release


The April distribution of sales tax collections by the Oklahoma Tax Commission primarily represents local tax receipts from February business. Companies that remit more than $2,500 monthly in sales tax receipts are required to file and pay electronically. The monies they reported this period represent sales from February 16th to 28th and estimated sales from March 1st to the 15th.

The disbursement of $144,355,807 in sales tax collections returned to the cities and towns reflected a decrease of $2,575,267 from the $146,931,074 distributed to the cities and towns in April last year. The use tax disbursement to cities and towns was $22,371,620.

In county returns, the counties shared in a $24,043,135 sales tax disbursement and a $3,855,314 use tax disbursement.

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Oklahoma state tax commission
april 12, 2021